When it comes to growing vintage cannabis, it goes without saying that one would need to source from the best viable seeds around. Not only will this ensure a productive yield, but also, customer satisfaction stands to be guaranteed, with the ripple effect that business is sustained and the economy reinforced. It’s vital, therefore, to procure all seedlings from reliable seed banks: Reliable, meaning verifiable preservers and improvers of cannabis genetics.

“The Seed Bank” would be a good place to start. Here, if you are purchasing online, you ‘pretend’ you are buying the seeds purposely for keepsakes – not to grow, as it were – for posterity.

“Sacred Seeds/Cultivators Choice”, “Super Sativa Seeds Club”, “Lowland Weed/Seed Company” and “Positronics”, have been in the game for quite some appreciable time now. So too have “La Plata Labs”, “Rare Dankness”, “Karma Genetics”, “Grand Daddy Purp Genetics”, “Elemental Seeds”, “Archive Seed Bank”, “Loud Seeds”, “Devil’s Harvest”, “Hortilab Seeds”, “MTG Seeds”, “Seedsman”, “Barney’s Farm”, “Dutch Passion”, “Royal Queen Seeds, “Sensi Seeds”, “Vision Seeds”, “Green House Seeds”, “Female Seeds”, “Big Buddha”, “Dinafem”, “Philosopher Seeds”, “Kaliman Seeds”, “Nirvana”, “Mr Nice Seeds”, and “CDB Crew” are other reliable seed banks of note.

“Barney’s Farm”, “Sensi Seeds”, “Dutch Passion” and “Bodhi Seeds” are described by lovers and connoisseurs of marijuana as ‘legendary breeders of cannabis seeds’. Coincidentally, “Barney’s Farm” and “Dutch Passion” also feature on the list of the most popular cannabis seed banks. Here, “Seedsman”, also makes a proud entry as ‘one of the most trustworthy & professional seed banks around today’.

Of renowned repute, as reliable cannabis seed banks too, are “World of Seeds”, “Tropical Seeds”, “The Real Seed Company”, “The 7 Dwarfs Seed Bank”, “T. H. Seeds”, “TGA Subcool Genetics”, “Sweet Seeds”, “Serious Seeds”, “Seedism Seed Bank”, “Resin Seeds”, “Reserva Privada”, “Paradise Seeds”, “Medical Seeds”, “Mosca Seeds”, “KC Brains”, “Kannabia Seeds”, “Humboldt Seeds”, “Holy Smoke Seeds”, “Hazeman Seeds”, “Grass-O-Matic Seeds”, “Gage Green Seeds”, “Flying Dutchmen”, “Flash Auto-Flowering Seeds”, “Dreadly Seeds”, “DNA Genetics”, “DJ Short”, “Ceres Seeds”, “Cannabiogen Seeds”, “Cali Connection”, “Blimburn Seeds”, “Buddha Seeds”, “Alpine Seeds”, “Ace Seeds”, and “710 Genetics”.

Each of these reliable cannabis seed banks is determined and committed to keeping the world happy on la-la, a sure way to blur the lines of our differences: Hazed-out on marijuana, every person can only be seen as a friend!

They are also committed to providing a pleasant, soothing and ecstatic experience to a teeming mass of cosmopolitan clients. So, for instance, seeds from La Plata Labs (e.g. Green Alien) flourish to produce marijuana that is sweetly pungent. Their Big Skunk is cherished for its ‘strong, distinct scent that lingers on the tongue’. Rare Dankness is a seed bank envied for her Moonshine Haze strain and OG Ghost Train Haze strain that won the 2011 Cannabis Cup first-place win for Best Sativa and the 2012 HIGH TIMES’ Strongest Strain on Earth, respectively. Affiliated with a dispensary, “Elemental Seeds” focuses on the medicinal values of their strains. Karma is proud of her Happy Brother strain.