As the landscape of 21st century television unfurls before us, it’s pretty f-ing clear that everything is changing. Cords are being cut, cable bundles being unbundled, and scripted television is at an all time high in terms of quantity. And the just announced weed-themed sitcom from Amazon might be an omen of the shape of things to come as well.

Highland, which is set in a marijuana dispensary, is created by Liz Sarnoff (vet writer for many pretty dope shows like Lost and Deadwood) and will be produced by and star comedienne Margaret Cho. The show will compete in the dispensary-set sitcom race with the upcoming NBC show Buds from Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott and HBO’s medium-sized screen adaptation of the web series High Maintenance.

Could this trend be the beginning in a genre shift of TV shows? Is America doing away with the police procedural and doctor show in favor of the more current but seemingly lower stakes world of legal cannabis retail? Could we even perhaps get to the point where every series involving marijuana doesn’t need to have a lame weed pun in the title? Hard to say. Hopefully there’s equal opportunity for stoners in Hollywood so more of their stories can be heard.

Highland will follow the story of a character played by Cho, who moves in with her dysfuntional family after a being released from a court-ordered drug rehab sesh. The family runs a marijuana dispensary. Presumably, the shop is called Highland and the family doesn’t get along too great. Sounds like fun.

Cho is known for her provocative stand up, recurring role on Drop Dead Diva, and – by hardcore 90s nostalgiacs for her mid-decade sitcom All-American Girl.