There are some things in this world which are uniquely American, like apple pie, inventing jazz, and using up most of the world’s energy. And now you can add one more item to the list: the wake and bake. Though getting high before you even change out of your PJ’s might seem like the most natural behavior in the world to an American stoner, it turns we like it a lot more than our pothead brothers and sisters in other nations.

A new report from the Global Drug Survey released last week gives a full, almost absurdly comprehensive breakdown of the world’s cannabis use. Among the report’s many discoveries was the revelation regarding baking after waking. It turns out that here in the home of the brave, 21.9 percent of weed users use their weed within one hour of waking up in the morning. For those who might have hit the pipe one too many times before breakfast today, that’s roughly one in five potheads who are waking and baking on the regular.

By comparison, only 10.3 percent of stoners in the UK hit their spliffs within an hour of waking. Only 4.8 percent of Icelandish peoples get elevated that early in the day and in the Netherlands, which practically invented permissive weed-smoking, only 3.6 percent of ganja enthusiasts get with it.

A few countries came somewhat close to America in their wake and bake habits. 14.9 percent of Canadian, 15.9 percent of Greek, and 18.4 percent of Mexicans like a bowl of something other than Cheerios for breakfast.

The GDS arrives at their data using what they call the “world’s largest drug survey,” soliciting information from over 115,000 people in more than 50 nations. The 121 page report contains a couple of other cool factoids about current global cannabis use, including the statistic that most people worldwide still smoke “normal weed,” as opposed to the “high potency herbal” you’ll find in an average Denver pot shop.

Another American-specific cannabis fact is that, in addition to having one of the highest stoner populations in the world, we also have less interest in cutting down on our smoking than potheads in almost any other country. The study asked cannabis users if they plan to use less cannabis in the next year. Only 22.2 percent of American weed smokers said they would, the second lowest rate after Argentina. Meanwhile, nearly half the stoners in Denmark and Poland want to smoke less in the near future, with 44 and 37.6 percent, respectively, saying they want to cut down soon. Maybe that’s because they haven’t tried waking and baking.