If there is one place in the entire continent of Europe famed for its cannabis, it simply has to be Amsterdam. Amsterdam holds the Cannabis Cup, an event which draws the best breeders from around the world. There is a reason for that; there are some insane things going on with the strains that are produced for the Cannabis cup every year. Amsterdam seeds are considered some of the best for this reason.

We were reading this article, and we decided to do our own run-down of some of the best Amsterdam seeds from previous years’ Cannabis Cup.

Loud Seeds

These guys are were new to the Cannabis Cup in 2012, but you wouldn’t know it. Their first showing netted them two first prizes for their Loud Scout and Headband strains. So these guys know what they are doing when it comes to making flowers. They had four entries in last year’s Cup, including those from their newly minted sister company, Loud 9 Genetics. They had two hybrid strains and two sativa strains, and they are definitely a company to watch out for when it comes to Amsterdam seeds.


THSeeds are entirely different. They have been at the top of the game when it comes to genetics and breeding and Amsterdam seeds for twenty years. It won’t be news to anyone when we tell you that they are still at the top of the game after two decades.

They tried something different when it came to last year’s tournament, growing from seed instead of clone. They have new operations going on in both Holland and Spain right now, so finding something new and invigorating from this old boy of the tournament shouldn’t be too difficult.

Devil’s Harvest Seed Company

Last year, Devil’s Harvest Seed Company unveiled their hybrid Shoreline. A new specimen, as they aren’t a company to rest on their laurels. This is in addition to other experiments they have going on.

Elemental Seeds

If you’re into your Cannabis news, you’ve probably already heard of Elemental Seeds. If you haven’t, and you’re a fan of OG Kush, then you are missing out. This is premium product by any smoking connoisseur’s opinion. They came first place in 2013. Before that they came second place for several years running in various tournaments and cups, so you know these guys are dedicated to persistence and getting better every year.

Who will take first place this year, we don’t know. It’s not about the tournament to us though. It’s about the fact that every year there are more guys and more companies looking to make big statements and take our favorite herb to the next level.