The weed bike tour Tour de Achterdeur was started by a number of organizations working on improving the cannabis policy in the Netherlands: VOC Nederland (Union for Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition), Adviesburo Drugs Amsterdam (Drugs Advisory Foundation Amsterdam), PCN (Platform Cannabis Enterprises Netherlands), Foundation Society and Cannabis (Cannabis-Kieswijzer) and WeSmoke.

The tour comes after international success of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. which will finish in Amsterdam at Cannabis Liberation Day 2015 this year. Mauro Picavet, Editor and co-founder of The Stoned Society participated this year on behalf of VOC Nederland, a Dutch legalization organization. The 2015 tour was a great success, and caught the attention of the National Dutch Media.

The tour started on the 15th of March at Amsterdam Central Station and finished 75 kilometres later, at the Binnenhof in The Hague, which is a complex of buildings in the city center containing the meeting place of both houses of the Netherland’s States General, the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Dutch Prime Minister.

One official stop was made along the way at a coffee shop in zandvoort for a smoke and refreshments. Even without smoke stops and a good cause, who could not enjoy biking through Amsterdam with a bunch of cannabis enthusiasts?

Over 50 cannabis enthusiasts from all over the country joined the tour, even though temperatures were near freezing. Everyone arrived on time and only one person didn’t finish the tour and that was due to mechanical failure, not a lack of resolve (or an abundance of kush).