Thanksgiving is the day we Americans give thanks for all the good things in our lives. If you’re anything like us at Dabs Mag, then two of those things you’d want to give thanks for are cannabis and a great meal.

Chef Chris Sayegh, a culinary expert known as “The Herbal Chef” who specializes in edible fine dining, recently talked to ATTN: about his tips for a great cannabis-infused Thanksgiving meal. Among the fine points of a big dosed Turkey Day Dinner are using your cannabinoids efficiently, making sure your guests don’t get too high or too low, and how to balance out munchies with nutrition.

Here are the big things to know, according to the Herbal Chef himself:

Infuse sauces, not meat and potatoes.

Sayegh said that basting a turkey with THC butter can be majorly wasteful. “You have no idea how much of that is going to burn off in the oven, how much of it is going to drip down, how much of it you’re going to lose because of the heat sensitivity of cannabis…” Instead, he says the more precise and more efficient way is to put roughly two milligrams of THC per tablespoon in the sauces. “You know you’re not going to lose any of the potency because you’re not heating it up past 180 degrees,” he says, “and you’re going to still have the same potency that you put in and it’s easier to control it.”

Cater to your guests’ tolerances

Everyone who sits down at your meal will likely have a different cannabis tolerance. That’s why Sayegh has every one of his guests fill out a tolerance questionnaire. Someone who’s never had edibles before will get a low dose, roughly 10 milligrams over the course of the meal. But someone who uses edibles on a daily basis would get more like 50 milligrams spread out over the courses. “Everyone gets the exact same plate of food — just different dosages that way they have the same experience.”

Keep CBD on hand

Even with your best calculations, it’s still possible that someone can get too much THC. And just about everyone has seen a friend (or been that friend) who takes too many edibles. Sayegh says one of the best ways to calm someone in that spot is to give them a dose of CBD. “When somebody is feeling overwhelmed by cannabis and they start to experience paranoia or unpleasant feelings, they can take a little bit of the pure CBD and that’ll actually counteract the psychoactivity that THC brings upon.”

In an informal internet poll by ATTN:, 33% who responded said they plan to incorporate marijuana into their Thanksgiving this year. Though that’s a skewed sample as everyone who answered was someone who was looking at an article about cannabis-infused cooking, it’s still safe to say that a whole lot of folks are going to be dosing themselves for the big meal this year.