In a recent video clip, Anonymous deems Kanye West a slave to the industry, claiming that West is used to keep the public in a cycle of distraction and stupidity.

The video-threat starts with an E! interview clip, and goes on to name the hackers’ grievances with the Chicago lyricist and his wife, reality starlet Kim Kardashian.

Anonymous claims that Kanye and Kim, whose career initially took off after a sex tape leak, are spreading poor values to young girls over social media, as Kim’s body is her main source of fame and income.

The group also stated that Kanye doesn’t know when it is appropriate to blurt out opinions, and that they believe that he shouldn’t steal moments from other people who work just as hard for their recognitions.

The video takes on a personal dimension when Anonymous speculates that Kim is likely fed up with raising a child, and sarcastically suggests that West’s mother must have been proud of his recent behavior – a particularly low blow, considering West grieved his mother’s death fairly recently, and has spoke extensively about how devastating the experience was for him.

Last year, Anonymous threatened Iggy Azalea, accusing the Australian singer of appropriating black culture. Whether or not you agree with the hactivist’s stance on Iggy or Kimye, this year’s barrage of cyberattacks doesn’t bode well for privacy in cyberspace or the public sphere.