Cannabis prohibitionists need to find some better people to represent them in the media. D.A.R.E. has shown themselves in recent years to be a bunch of clowns, Safe Streets Alliance has been revealed as kind of evil, and now the vocal group SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) has proven to be a little bit of both.

After the tragedy which befell the night club in Orlando last Sunday, SAM’s Oregon branch made a wildly tone deaf, inane, and insensitive connection between gun violence in this country and the harm done by smoking weed, as reported by Leafly. For real.

Like many public figures, Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer took to Twitter after the horrifying events in Orlando to express his condolences and frustration over current gun laws. Blumenauer is also an outspoken progressive when it comes to cannabis legalization and someone at SAM Oregon somehow thought that this was the right moment to take issue with the representative’s 420-friendly views.

When @repblumenauer tweeted, “Words cannot express my sorrow. Disgusted by this horrific act on the LGBT community & cowardice of those who won’t pass sensible gun laws,” SAM Oregon countered, “@repblumenauer you can’t support 1 threat to public health/public safety and then condemn another. You have failed this state.”

Pretty bananas. These are some obsessed and out-of-touch people the anti-pot movement have working for them, almost as unhinged as a political candidate who would use the incident to shift blame for the violence onto the entire community of Islamic US citizens. And Twitter users were not slow in letting SAM know that.

Marijuana Majority Chairman Tom Angell called the post “embarrassing & shameful” while Blumenauer responded about as sensibly as a human being could, saying, “@SAM_Oregon Over 32k dead from gun violence each year in US. ZERO dead from marijuana. Your comparison is delusional & shameful.”

Sam_Oregon tried, in their own confusing way, to retract and clarify their comments, saying across several posts: “Blowing our statement out of proportion doesn’t mean you’re right. MJ is a threat to public health/public safety whether you like it or not… I guess this needs to be simplified. Our statement was to this line “cowardice of those who won’t pass sensible gun laws” of…….cont… Rep. Blumenauer’s tweet, not the whole thing.”


Photo via Flickr user David Gach