House Health Committee leader Rep. Matt Baker spoke out this week against the effectiveness of weed at a joint House Committee hearing on the legalization of marijuana.

“I am very cynical and skeptical about moving forward with this,” opined Baker, who–funny enough–recently received upwards of $22,000 in campaign funding from various pharmaceutical firms including Pfizer and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. The same American Society of Anesthesiologists openly reporting on their lobbying for various companies.

A brief look into Baker’s finance reports in the Influence Explorer database will show you just where our little weasel’s been burying his nose, and it would seem it’s no mistake he’s taken up against some possibly boat-rocking painkilling meds.

Late last year, Lee Fang at Vice reported about this kind of backdoor jacking, citing specifically Pfizer’s heavy push into the painkilling frontier and away from floppy meatsticks.

All over the board there’s scientists and doctors, noted professionals, who are boldly speaking out against research and widespread studies because of whose hand is lining their coffers. And there seems no end in sight.

In the end, even if weed is legalized on all fronts, it looks very much like those big companies and unattainable powers-that-be will be pulling the strings like the rest of our current plane-crashing-into-the-fucking-mountain commerce-based landscape.

Looks like it’s time we grabbed some formaldehyde face-finding glasses of our own.