They banned MassRoots from the App Store, banned a bunch of other weed-related apps, and regulated WeedMaps. But now – after a social media campaign and a team-up with the National Cannabis Industry Association to appeal to Apple CEO Tim Cook – MassRoots is back up, according to The Cannabist.

To make Apple happy, MassRoots was forced to strengthen its geo-fence so that it can only be used in the 23 states with forms of legalized marijuana, but the app’s core idea – a social media spot to spread around your weed and dab love freely – is the same.

The move by Apple makes it look like the company’s expanding their mind a little. The pot app crackdown over the last few months seemed like old-fashioned puritanical thinking that ignored the reality of how widespread marijuana culture is, and how big the business has gotten.

MassRoots tweeted this just two days ago:

“The @AppStore banned social cannabis Apps! This harms legal MJ patients & biz. RT to demand Apple change this policy!”

But now things are a little different. “A few hours ago, an Apple representative called to notify us that our efforts were successful,” said MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich, adding that the Apple rep seemed apologetic when they talked.

“Apple did not tell me anything specific,” Dietrich told The Cannabist. “However, every marijuana developer I’ve talked to has seen a dramatic, positive improvement in their experience with the App Store.”

That’s rad and it shows a little progress toward taking marijuana business out of its ghetto. Follow us on MassRoots if you got an account. Happy Friday the 13th!

Parker Winship