Because Apple doesn’t already control every part of the world, now they might want to be your go-to for getting high. Or, at least, they want to invent a new and improved way for you to get high, though it’s unclear whether they intend to actually put this new invention on the market anytime soon.

The US Patent and Trademark Office just released a patent that Apple Inc. filed with them last July. Their design is innovative for the industry in that it’s supposed to improve vaporizing efficiency by using all the bits of concentrate that are lost due to inconsistent heating in other vaporization devices, as reported by Leafly.

The patent application explains it like this: “In a typical sublimator or vaporizer, a substance is placed into a canister that is heated to a sufficiently high temperature that causes the substance to sublimate [when solid material is “vaporized”] or vaporize [when the same happens to liquid], in the canister. While the substance is heated, the regions where the vapor is formed will cool, due to the latent heat of vaporization, yielding an inconsistent vaporization rate.”

Apple’s solution to this vaping temperature inconsistency problem is to use a heated plate that lowers as the concentrate is consumed.

Sounds good, but they aren’t sending the product off to be assembled in hellish Chinese sweatshops just yet. So far, all the company has done is file the patent. There are no reports of plans for manufacturing.

However, this isn’t the first time Apple has been associated with vape production. As reported by Digital Trends, the quality Firefly Vaporizer was co-created by former Apple developer Mark Williams, who had worked on the MacOS.

Firefly Vapor CEO called the prospect of Apple getting in on their game “exciting news” in a statement and said, “It confirms our vision about innovating in the vaporization space.”