The last couple years have seen the weed business go from shady deals at your friend’s friend’s place to companies trading stocks in Wall Street. Everybody wants to make a dollar off the doobage and that’s why the last couple years have seen such a proliferation of weed-related goods, especially in the tech industry.

If there’s a way to make money off of weed, then there must be a way to make money off of weed delivery apps and dispensary locating apps. And why not weed photo-sharing apps, weed dating apps, weed-rating apps?

Now, since all that’s been tried already, the entrepreneurial progeny of Silicon Valley and the Emerald Triangle needed to find some other business bred from circuitry and cannabinoids, and here’s what they settled on: how about a delivery app that not only delivers bud to your coordinates via drone, but allows the drone itself to take your payment through an attached Bitcoin converter box?

The app Trees is preparing to launch just such an app. The grand unveiling date is TBD, but a Trees rep told Gizmodo that the service will officially take to the skies just as soon as they clear some FFA airspace hoops. In the meantime, they’ve been promoting with ads like this one…

The app was started up by techy startup dudes like Jackson Palmer, who created the succsful Bitcoin rival Dogecoin, and Morgan Rockwell, the inventor responsible for Bitswitch, a converting device that allows you to pay at credit-card accepting vending machines with Bitcoin.

Like most tech businessmen, these guys know to leap frog from one booming trend to the next. As Palmer put it while talking to Gizmodo, “There was a [Bitcoin] bubble and it’s over.” So, they’ve stretched the progress they made in the Bitcoin world as a birdge to the next big thing: weedy weeds.

Putting their cryptocurrency experience together with drone photography company Aerovision, these inventers launched a company that’s sure to gain attention at the outset (their drone ad has already spurred a handful of online news articles).

But it’s not just gimmick and their simultaneous rise in the marketplace that make cannabis and Bitcoin a good match. Traditional banks tend to shy away from the weed business, either for legal reasons or puritanical queasiness. And credit is still problematic for most marijuana businesses. So, finding a transaction method that “skips around the bank,” as Rockwell puts it, could behoove cannabis companies.

If weed-tech visionaries like Trees CEO Marshall Hayner have their way, the whole industry will run off a vast network of apps like this one. “The ten year vision is an app for every part of this industry,” he told Gizmodo. “You’ve got apps for the grower to monitor nutrient levels, and it ties into everything… In the future all these apps can pull together a network, little by little.” Maybe one day you won’t even have to get high. You can just let your app do that for you too.


Image via Animal New York & Flickr user Morgan