Historically, getting stoned at a wedding means sneaking off during the father-daughter dance to smoke a one-hitter or hit a vape pen behind the dumpster. But maybe not no more. There’s a growing demand for weed-based weddings. And some specialists are even making money off of it.

“Experiencing an upscale cannabis event as a guest, I was blown away with how much additional detail and appreciation I had for all of my surroundings: the sound of the music, the taste of the food, the little details,” weed wedding entrepreneur Niki McDonald told Fox News. McDonald founded the website Love and Marij, which serves as a hub for cannabis-affiliated wedding vendors. “I enjoyed the clarity I had over my actions and thoughts,” she said of the 420-enhance wedding experience.

Cannabis can be used in a variety of different ways during a ceremony. The Fox News article described a two-mouthpiece “unity bowl” pipe which the betrothed can hit simultaneously as their marriage is pronounced. McDonald also told the story of a bride who “took a hit of cannabis to help reduce anxiety before walking down the aisle.”

But the biggest use of cannabis at a wedding is to aid the guests in their celebration. If you want to get fancy about it, you might even higher a budtender so that guests, whether they’re seasoned stoners or the groom’s uncle who hasn’t smoked since the 60’s, knows what varieties of bud are at their disposal and how they’ll affect them.

“Good budtenders ensure that their guests know what to expect when consuming cannabis, keep an eye on consumption and look for signs of overuse or intoxication,” said Top Shelf Budtending owner Andrew Mieure. Another weed wedding specialist says she picks strains to coordinate with the colors of the floral arrangements and gives the groomsmen  “buddonieres.”

Those who don’t live in one of the eight states with legal recreational marijuana are now planning destination weddings just so they can smoke in the open without worrying about Johnny Law getting on their case. “Denver is the new Amsterdam,” said McDonald.

Photo via Flickr user Katsu Nojiri