This Saturday, officers seized 600 marijuana plants from a Pomona growhouse.

The plants’ worth is estimated at more than $1 million, but cultivator Philip Trenton Startsman says the plants were headed to Old Town Meds Collective, a group that donates them to medical patients.

Startsman disputed the claim that he had 300 lbs of the plants, and explained that he didn’t get the revenue from sales: he merely maintains the operation.

“I just took money out of my 401K,” Startsman told The Diamond Walnut Bar Patch. “If I had a million dollars would I be borrowing money?”

35-year-old Statsman was booked for suspicion of felony cultivation of marijuana and possession of prescription drugs for sale, but quickly released on $50,000 bail.

While Statsman claims that the cops didn’t have a search warrant, Major Crimes detectives say that they obtained one after detecting an odor coming from the building, and that the operation was distributing to local dispensaries illegally.