Sounds like a utopian fantasy, huh?  Anyone who has been actively on social media for a few years knows that it can be a bloody minefield.  Facebook is the breeding ground for hatestalking friends that we despised in high school and seeing parts of family members even their spouses haven’t seen. The site practically encourages verbal fatigue and giant personal rants from wet brained Cro-Magnons.

But there’s one Facebook engineer looking to fix all of that. Arturo Bejar feels the feels that words just can’t describe, and says the answer is emoticons.  That may sound silly at first, and it is.  Very rarely do you see an emoticon show up in a serious debate, unless one party is attempting to demoralize, sass, or patronize the other, usually when they lose control and/or respect of the conversation with the other person, and more than likely for themselves as well.

So, ultimately, Mr. Bejar’s goal is to make using emoticons feel more natural and intuitive to all typing minds above the age of five.  And speaking of youths, he says the initiative can greatly aide in the fight against cyberbullying, as well.

Think of the possibilities, where all hearts are happy, and words are faces. Welcome to the future, baby. Here’s your bill.