The salad days of Colorado blasting are over – the state has joined the likes of California and Oregon, states who can put extractors in prison for making a legal product with an insatiable consumer base.

The Associated Press reports that July 1st brings new restrictions to Colorado’s extraction laws, specifically making it a felony to blast with a flammable liquid or gas such as butane or propane. Companies with a manufacturing license from the state are exempt from the law.

The law, naturally, comes as a result of fools blowing their shit up making BHO. Over 30 dab lab explosions were reported in the state last year. The bill’s co-sponsor Rep. Yeulin Willett (R-Delta) says part of the point of the law is to create a law that allows the government to charge extractors before they set buildings on fire.

Up until now, there has been little basis for charging BHO makers outside of arson, reckless endangerment, or other crimes after the event of an explosion. “Many jurisdictions felt that their hands were tied, and they could only respond after an accident,” Willett said.

So, if you’re making your loud with butane near the Rockies, you got two choices: do it with a license, or do it on the deep down low-low. Failing that, you might face a class 2 felony charge, which means you got two more choices: hire a bad ass attorney or start learning prison etiquette.

Photo via Flickr user Symic