A new ordinance in Aurora, Colorado proposes to ban private hash oil manufacturing and regulate legitimate licensed extraction.

While the law hopes to make extractions safer, obtaining the licenses may prove more than a small hurdle for small 710 businesses.

Aurora has seen six extraction explosions since October 2013, resulting in property damage and injury.

Though Amendment 64 allows citizens to carry up to an ounce of weed legally, it doesn’t specify the legality of producing the “honey oil”, or hash oil extracted with butane, alcohol, water, or ice.

The municipal ordinance was proposed at a recent Public Safety Committee meeting. Aurora Fire Department Captain Sigfried Klein commented, “We wanted to have an ordinance in place, so that people know despite what happens at the state level, the city believes it is a danger to public safety.”

While the law was initially conceived to include only butane hash oils, the committee decided to amend it to ban all kinds of hash oil manufacturing, even hash made with water.

“I don’t think we should be doing it with alcohol or anything,” stated Aurora City Councilwoman Barb Cleland.

The law would follow a similar one in Denver that bans methods of extraction using flammable chemicals like butane gases, and requires alcohol and ethanol based extractors to get a permit.

Aurora assistant city attorney Julie Heckman says that if the ordinance is passed, illegal extractors will be fined $2,650 and subject to up to a year behind bars.

Parker Winship