Australia is way ahead of America in many regards. Its progressive gun laws, its imaginative flair for dystopian car races, and now maybe its drug laws too.

A bill proposed in the Australian parliament this week aims to legalize cannabis cultivation in the land down under, according to Reuters. Several states in the country/continent are preparing to put medical marijuana programs into action soon, which is well within their power.

Only problem is that even if they legalize providing patients with cannabis, growing it will still be illegal as per a federal ban. That’s why these states have been forced to arrange the importation of cannabis from other countries. Considering that Australia is in essence an island, that means getting weed for medical research or prescription purposes would cost a whole lot more time and energy than it needs to.

“Allowing controlled cultivation locally will provide the critical missing piece for a sustainable legal supply of safe medicinal cannabis products for Australian patients in the future,” says Australia’s Health Minister Sussan Ley.

States in America face a similar complication. A state can legalize cannabis growing, medicating, or recreational use all they want, but it’s still a federal crime. If the land of ozzies pulls off its plan, it won’t have to worry about that nonsense.

The bill has popular support from the major opposition party in Australia and is expected to be passed into law as early as this March, according to Quartz.

Another good omen for the proposed law is the support of the government, like from Health Minister Ley. “I am confident creating one single, nationally consistent cultivation scheme, rather than eight individual arrangements, will not only help speed up the legislative and regulatory process, but ultimately access to medicinal cannabis products as well,” Ley said in a statement.