What do you picture when you think of a stoner? If you don’t imagine a kale-scarfing, cold brew-sipping, Bernie-supporting millennial then you’re way off, according to a large new market research study.

A study by Oasis Intelligence surveyed 20,000 people in fifty states to see if stoner stereotypes hold out among cannabis consumers, hoping to refine information on how to sell shit to them.

What they found was that the composite stoners were “30-something college graduates working full-time jobs. They’re committed to social justice and legal reform, they’re hungry for information, and they use cannabis primarily as a wellness tool,” as reported by AdWeek.

Other than liberal hipster vibes, Oasis’s research found some other interesting tidbits regarding cannabis users across both states with legalized bud and those without.

For instance, only one in five said they use cannabis for strictly recreational reasons. 48% said they do so for medical and wellness purposes, while 19% said they make no distinction between using cannabis for wellness or for recreation. The three leading motivations for using cannabis were anxiety (51%), depression (44%), and insomnia (31%).

Users also said they prefer cannabis brands that value the same things they do. Reportedly, words like “natural,” “relaxed,” and “wellness” stand out for them in a brand.

“If you look at the space five or 10 years ago, there were a bunch of brands that sounded like missiles and fighter jets, with names like TKO,” said Oasis co-founder Ben Woo. “There’s been a big shift to more approachable brands. The industry didn’t invent the idea of wellness, but it’s leaned into the trend.”