Hip hop and marijuana go together like lamb and tuna fish. No, wait… well not like that… but… they seem to fit.

When it comes to this topic, B Real of Cypress Hill and marijuana smoking fame has his opinion. He feels that, bush come to bud… it was HE at the forefront.

People came in with us. I don’t say so much after us because it wasn’t too much after Red and Meth and Snoop Dogg and them were talking about the shit right along with us….”

That is a quote from B Real, being real.  And to his defense, he kind of has a point.  Back in the ‘90s, weed was in music videos, but not as much as you’d think.  And nowadays the culture has made it so that any and everyone can partake or include without much of a rub. For Cypress Hill to do what they did when they did, in the given landscape, is not something to be scoffed at. But probably something to be smoked at. Or of.