Florida is probably going to pass a medical marijuana-legalizing measure next week. Polls have support of Amendment 2 topping 70 percent among voters, but the anti-MMJ peeps in the state are still going for a Hail Mary. After all, the same bill failed in 2014 by only two points, so it’s worked before.

The medical cannabis opposition took to the reasonable strategy any losing campaign in the dystopian nightmare that is the American 2016 election could: they turned to robots. More specifically, caller robots. Even more specifically, faulty caller robots.

The “Vote No on 2” people robo-called Florida voters last Sunday. A reasonable ploy. The only problem was that they started doing so at about 3 am, as reported by Sunshine State News. Needless to say, those awakened by voter robots in the middle of the night were none too pleased with the campaign and might even cost them what few votes they still have.

“A call at 5 a.m. Might cause a YES vote from some folks. Know it upset me. Very thoughtless move,” one are wrote on the campaign’s Facebook page. Many others joined in on the Facebook-hating.

“Who in the world authorized robo calls this morning at 5am in Tallahassee?” another person wrote. “I take care of my elderly parents and unfortunately, when I receive a call at 5 am I immediately think something is wrong with their health. Surprisingly at church today others shared the same concern that had received the same early call. I would like an explanation!”

“We were not amused,” said Pensacola resident Judy Druener, who shared a similar sentiment with SSN, saying that the anti-weed robots had called her at 4:38 in the morning. “I’m sure there are rules for when political calls can and can’t be made, but even if there aren’t, who in their right mind would pay a firm to manage a PR campaign that thinks making oh-dark thirty robo-calls are a good idea?”

The “Vote No” effort of course were quick to apologize to their constituents. “Our sincerest apologies to those voters who inadvertently received a recorded call during the early morning hours on Sunday,” the campaign wrote on their Facebook page. “It was not our intention to have those calls made at that hour. These calls were supposed to be made starting in the early PM and were mistakenly sent in the early AM. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.”

So, they’re claiming that the problem was they set the clocks wrong. But is there something deeper? Did pro-cannabis robots purposely sabotage the anti-MMJ effort? Could this be the beginning of the Singularity?