Soon you’ll be able to pick up some fire wax while taking your mom to pick out a new blouse. The next frontier in the wild and crazy world of weed concentrates may be its most boring yet: the department store.

A few years ago, if you were lucky you might be able to score a dime bag off a Sbarro’s cashier in the food court. Or maybe you were fortunate enough to have a head shop at the swap meet or flea market. But now you will have the privilege to pick up overpriced infused lotions and gold (yes, real gold) rolling papers at the upscale department store near you.

CNN reports that some of the biggest names in swanky big box shopping are unveiling new products and marketing campaigns to cater to the rich douchey stoner in all of us.

Barney’s might be going at it hardest of all. The century-old representation of all things bougie has announced plans for a little ritzy head shop inside of its Beverly Hills location. No word yet on their variety of gas mask bongs and Bob Marley posters, but the store has revealed that its product lineup will include glass pipes, grinder necklaces, and CBD beauty products.

Luxury department store Neiman Marcus is also getting in on that CBD game. “There is a demand for high-end CBD products,” Kim D’Angelo, beauty buyer for the company, told CNN. “CBD products are the next big thing in beauty.”

And a tide of CBD is fixing to flood malls nationwide. The shoe store DSW is running a pilot program of products in select locations, including CBD foot creams, body lotions, and muscle balms from Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy. Meanwhile, Green Growth Brands, which owns Seventh Sense, recently announced plans to open its own mall locations.

Pretty soon the only place you won’t be able to find cannabis products will be Target, which pulled the cannabis-infused dietary supplement Charlotte’s Web on its website briefly last year before taking them down.

While this all sounds a little weird, let’s try to enjoy it. Now we can relax to the calming effects of legal, fancy cannabis while making like it’s 1997: hitting the mall, slurping an Orange Julius, playing Crusin’ USA at the arcade, and maxing on a vibrating chair at the Sharper Image.