“Makes sense to me. You know, combine your pleasures,” Ben Cohen (like, as in Ben And…) told HuffPost Live when they asked him if they’ve considered marijuana-infused ice cream. Then he went on to say that they’re not actually doing it. “If It were my decision, I’d be doing. But fortunately, we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out.”

But that doesn’t mean the company isn’t taking on anything new. Ben & Jerry’s pride themselves on having a social mission. They want to turn a profit while also promoting sustainable change, so it wasn’t a coincidence when they backed the B Corp Movement. B Corp is a certification to for-profit organizations that aim for environmental sustainability.

By affiliating, Ben & Jerry’s became the first wholly-owned subsidiary to have B Corp certification. Over the last few years, the ice cream brand has partnered with Ashoka to run a “Join Our Core” campaign, in the hopes to find other business owners who want to join their company mission. Each year the winners of the competition are given a cash price, but this year things are being run a little differently.

In order to apply for the prize, applicants will need to run a crowdfunding campaign raising at least $30,000. The competition is available to all entrepreneurs in Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK and Sweden. From this set of applicants, Ben & Jerry’s will pick two winners, and these two winners will be able to monitor the campaign from the parent company.  The company will also put in 20% of the campaign goal, which will then help the company get their start.

According to Ben & Jerry’s, the campaign will start in May and will be either equity or reward based. It hasn’t been said whether or not the campaigners will need to meet their goals in order to be considered for the reward, but the company is offering an all or nothing campaign. The deadline is March 16th. And good luck to them.

And some Cherry Garcia that makes you want to eat lots more Cherry Garcia might not be far off.  “Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t given serious consideration to the possibility of cannabis-infused ice cream,” the company’s spokeswoman Kelly Mohr told AdWeek. “Perhaps it’s high time.”