I don’t know what a Cuban cigar blunt would taste like, because I’m not Moneybags McGee, but Cigarillos work fine. Here’s a couple other blunts that wrap up your ‘dro better than your grandmamma wraps her Christmas presents.


There’s a reason why this product is sold in 90 different countries and has been around for over 150 years. It’s good stuff. The flavors are mild and sublime and pairs beautifully with a Shlitz tall boy.


Phillies are easier than your sister to wrap up in a blunt, but they kind of taste like doodoo. The peach ones aren’t so bad if you can find them, but avoid the chocolates.


For a more rustic experience, we recommend this brand. The flavor profile is intense and perfect for your blunt. Special flavors are available, but unnecessary unless you love the idea of a banana blunt. It takes a little practice to get the roll right with this one, but you will find that the effort is well worth the time investment.