We’re always looking for ways to increase their quality, efficiency, and convenience of their smoking experience.  Vapes offer the benefit of amplifying the effect of marijuana while increasing convenience and portability.  Here are a few popular examples of marijuana vaporizers on the market.

Low-end Vapes

In the $100-range of vaporizers, you have the Vapir NO2 and Arizer Solo.  The Vapir is the cheaper of the two and the materials are subsequently as well.  If you consider yourself a very anal person when it comes to electronics, whom rarely drops or breaks devices, you might want to grab one of these as your first vaporizer pen.  They look cool, have lots of settings to personalize your burn, but some may not go for their look or feel.  The Arizer Solo brings the best value for your money, with the higher build-quality, so if you can afford a few bucks more, it’s worth it.

Mid and High-End Vapes

As you get into the $200-range of vaporizers, you start noticing different terms like convection and conduction heating of marijuana.  There is a difference here, and, theoretically, the convection method (which is the heating by use of air) is superior to conduction heating (which would be heating via the metal housing of the device).

With that said, let’s look at two more favorite vaporizers on the market, starting with The Haze.  This dual-bowl system allows one to experience both wax concentrates and herbs simultaneously, giving an amazing level of quality and freedom to any enthusiast.  The Haze is built to last, featuring a mouthpiece that can be safely tucked-away to prevent chipping off, like with many all-in-one vape pens.

Finally, the strongest contender for the best vaporizer is the Pinnacle Pro.  With it, the user gets an almost bong-like experience via the hydro tube attachment that concentrates the vapor.  It can vape both hash and hash oil, while also having its own flower and concentrate cartridges available.  Another thing that is great, considering it is often not brought up when discussing vaporizers, is the sleek, inconspicuous design, which allows one to discreetly handle it without most people ever knowing what it is.