Beto O’Rourke hasn’t announced that he’s running for Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. But the dude is probably going to. For one thing, he’s got a nice shine on him after running a sexy (albeit losing) senatorial campaign against Ted Cruz last year. For another, there’s the fact that if you throw a rock these days you’re likely to hit a Democratic candidate for president.

One way in which O’Rourke has definitively not differentiated himself from his potential rivals in the Dems race is his stance on weed. Namely, he wants to legalize it, all of it, from sea to shining sea.

The former representative sent an email to his supporters in which he rallied for an end to the drug war and a beginning to federally legal weed. We at Dabs Mag, being politically asexual, are not on O’Rourke’s email list, but The Washington Timessays that O’Rourke’s email was all like:

“I am more convinced than ever that we can and must build a criminal justice system that is more fair and that urgently puts our country closer to the words written above the highest court in our land: equal justice under law.”

“First, we need to end the failed war on drugs that has long been a war on people, waged on some people over other people. Who is going to be the last man — more likely than not a black man — to languish behind bars for possessing or using marijuana when it is legal in some form in more than half of the states in this country? We should end the federal prohibition on marijuana and expunge the records of those who were locked away for possessing it, ensuring that they can get work, finish their education, contribute to the greatness of this country.”

If Beto does get in on the 2020 race (and he will), he might need to make his legal weed plan even cooler and more 420-friendly than that of all the other candidates. Cory Booker is like Mr. Weed, Bernie Sanders is probably high right now, and Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand have all made legalization a prominent part of their early campaigns.

What O’Rourke does have going for him is that weed legalization has been a part of his campaigns since his 2012 House run in 2012 and was also heavily featured in his battle with Senator Cruz in 2018.

But you never know: maybe Trump will up and legalize weed just to mess with O’Rourke and the other challengers to the throne.

Photo via Flickr user Beto O’Rourke