The story of a massive cannabis bust in East Texas has revealed a pocket of our nation where everyone is looking for something and nobody finds what they’re looking for.

The ordeal was set off earlier this month during a real deal hog hunt through the forests near Cooper, Texas. Instead of hugs, these hunters found a grow operation and a campsite that served as a home base for the major league growers.

The hunters’ reporting of their discovery of course led to another hunt, this one led by Delta County Sheriff’s Officers, who set out in search of the ganja farmers. They too came up short. When the law arrived at the scene they found over 6,000 marijuana plants (some close to 10 feet tall according to Texas Public Radio station KETR) but the growers themselves had disappeared.

The operation was a highly sophisticated one that included a subsistence vegetable farm, hidden tent dwellings, generators. The growers also had managed to camouflage their weed from fly over surveillance and transport their product along a nearby river. Local game wardens estimated the grow had been in progress since at least last May.

So, the hog hunt came up empty handed. The dope-grower hunt (which is still underway and has thus far included air support and K-9 units) has so far come up empty handed. And, last but not least, the Sasquatch hunt that interrupted the sheriff’s investigation has also (presumably) come up empty handed.

KETR mentioned briefly and oddly casually that while patrolling the area for the fled growers, area Game Wardens “had to contend with” a search party in pursuit of the mythological beast. Has anyone considered that the suspects authorities are looking for and the Sasquatch are one in the same?


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