Last Friday, Bill Maher closed the Real Time show by stating that presidential candidates are vetted because of their marijuana use. Maher said that that Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich have all admitted to doing drugs in the past, and Ted Cruz has expressed regret for experimenting with marijuana.

Maher implied that President Obama was partly responsible for the current war on drugs, and stressed the hypocrisy of imprisoning drug users when various presidents have admitted to using drugs. Maher also went on to say that he wants the president to pardon anyone who is in jail at the moment for a non-violent jail offense.

Maher then slammed Republican Presidential contender Jeb Bush, who instituted prison only policies in his home state, while pardoning his daughter’s drug charge.  Maher deemed Bush a “cynical turd”, and went on to pronounce that past presidents who have acknowledged drug use owe a debt to the thousands of Americans who go to jail for the exact same crime.

Maher called for Barack Obama to consider the current war on drugs more seriously and offer pardons to those sentences for drug charges and other nonviolent offenders, citing an instance in which Ronald Reagan gave immigrants pardons to stay in the country in 1987.

According to Maher, if a Republican like Reagan can easily pardon immigrants, then a Democrat can forgive us for all getting high.