A butane hash oil extractor is on the run from Florida officials after an explosion in his lab burned his house down. The Sheriff’s Office in Pasco County announced that Steven Brown, 24, and several other accomplishes fled Brown’s house after it caught fire on September 3, as reported by WTSP.

Reports say that Brown and company hightailed it out of the house in a hurry, making it a priority to take their concentrates with them while leaving two kanines behind, locked in cages.

“I heard them burn up alive,” said Brown’s neighbor Harold Cope. “They cried and then they stopped. It was sickening.” The dogs were found dead inside the house.

Oh, yeah. And there was another living creature in the burning house: a 1-year-old human baby. Jesus. Luckily, the infant was okay. It was carried out of the house after the fire started, though it’s unclear from WTSP’s reporting whether the criminals rescued the baby or someone else.

Brown now has 12 active warrants for his arrest. Charges against him include marijuana manufacturing, marijuana possession, aggravated cruelty to animals, possession of drug paraphernalia, first degree arson, possession of a place for purposes of manufacturing a controlled substance, felony possession of a firearm, oxycodone possession, cocaine possession, and suboxone possession.

Six days after the house fire, authorities pulled Brown over for a traffic violation and attempted to arrest him. But the suspect fled authorities and is still on the run.

His neighbors are still left reeling from the incident. Cope said the pain inflicted on the dogs was “disturbing.” “The whole sky was lit up,” he said. “It put a lot of people in danger.”

The event calls to mind a similar incident when an indoor cannabis grow operation recently caught fire and “hotboxed” a suburban cul-de-sac, causing neighbors to get nauseous and vomit in the streets. Those in the cannabis industry really got to start taking their fire safety more seriously.