Types of Dab Rigs: How to Choose Yours

The practice of dabbing has been gaining adepts and users in the past few years. Being that dabbing is healthier, tastier, and more potent, it’s a no-brainer that cannabis users are finding in it a new way to enhance their weed experience and take it to higher levels. Now, when thinking of dabbing for the… Continue reading Types of Dab Rigs: How to Choose Yours

What is a Dab Mat

Dabbing has definitely redefined the consumption of cannabis, making it smarter, healthier, and way more enjoyable for people that do not fancy smoking a joint that much. What is dabbing? Well, it’s the practice of inhaling concentrated and vaporized drugs, typically cannabis oil or resin. According to research digging in the past, it’s said that… Continue reading What is a Dab Mat

10 Best Strains for Dabbing

What makes a dab great? Flavor. Dabs are delicious, and that’s why we love them. And it’s terpenes that make a cannabis strain tasty. Terpene-rich strains are the ones that make dabbing a truly mind-blowing experience. Sure, we all love tetrahydrocannabinol—that THC that gets us high. It’s at higher levels in dabs, no pun intended,… Continue reading 10 Best Strains for Dabbing

Benefits of Dabbing

Dabbing is a highly enjoyable, more efficient way to get your cannabis. Technically, dabbing is using a dabbing rig to vaporize highly potent cannabis concentrates. But many people wonder whether dabbing is cannabis consumption run amuck. Actually, dabbing has been around for a long time. Since it’s getting so much more popular now, it pays… Continue reading Benefits of Dabbing

Best Concentrates for Dabbing

So, you’ve decided to give dabbing a shot. Now what? Even if you already know exactly how to choose the best flower for your needs, figuring out which concentrates are the best for dabbing might be a head scratcher for you. In this post we’ll cover the differences between concentrates and extracts, the basic kinds… Continue reading Best Concentrates for Dabbing

How To Dose Dabs

It may seem intimidating to dose dabs correctly, but it’s actually not as difficult as it seems. Dabbing is basically using a hot surface to flash vaporize cannabis extracts and other concentrates. These concentrates include BHO, shatter, oil, wax, and others, and each type is significantly more potent than cannabis flower. This means that when… Continue reading How To Dose Dabs

How to Dab: Dabbing for Beginners

If you got here via Google and you’re not disciplining a wayward teen, you may be curious about cannabis dabs. So what is cannabis dabbing and how do dabs work? Dabbing cannabis products is something to try, whether you’re experienced with smoking flower or you’re new to ganja entirely. The key is understanding what you’re… Continue reading How to Dab: Dabbing for Beginners

The World’s Oldest Bong Found in Ethiopia

A bong, according to the cronies over at Wikipedia, is “a filtration device usually used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.” Also referred to around the world as a billy, bing, moof, garblum, dave, dee, dozey, beeky, mitch and tisch, a bong is, in brief, a water pipe. A smoking apparatus now notorious… Continue reading The World’s Oldest Bong Found in Ethiopia