Reports out of Denver Tuesday confirmed that a supposed pipe bomb at the Boulder Transit Center in Boulder City, CO was actually just a bong. Or a container of some kind. Something to do with weed. But definitely not an explosive.

WIth the recent glut in marijuana sales and recreational usage over the last year in Colorado, it’s almost surprising that nobody on the response team could specifically describe the object or categorize it, even come time of publication or updates on initial reports. Then again, with the recent glut in marijuana sales and recreational usage over the last year, it totally makes sense that no one can properly express thoughts, especially when a bong’s around.

“It was either some kind of marijuana storage or marijuana smoking device,” Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel said of the object. “There was some marijuana in it.” I guess a bong could be a container technically, if the weed is packed in the bowl pretty good. Somehow, after Kobel got her hands on it, that marijuana was nowhere to be found. Nor the Cap’n Crunch. (Okay, that last part about the weed going missing was a joke. But we really can’t find the Cap’n Crunch.)

The 6AM call was placed by a bus station security guard who first noticed the piece. The area was then evacuated, secured, and back to normal action by around 6:20AM. Is speed legal in Colorado as well? After the initial scare, it was determined that the possessor seemed to have simply forgotten their weed-related device at the stop.

But Dabs Mag says good on the crack team in Boulder for their snappy response. Better to have one less bong smoked than a smouldering Boulder Transit Center.