Baby boomers are twice as likely to wake and bake as millennials. Millennials are twice as likely to call dabbing their favorite consumption method. These are just a couple of generational insights gleaned from a surveyby the medical cannabis company Verilife.

To investigate the weed preferences of the two generations, Verilife surveyed 1,000 millennials aged 24 to 39 and 1,000 baby boomers aged 56 to 74 of this year. (Why do the boomers get three more years?)

As mentioned, twice as many millennials cited dabbing as their favorite way to get lifted as baby boomers, but the number was not very high among either demographic. When asked what their “most preferred” way to consume cannabis was, 2% of millennials said it was dabbing, and only 1% of boomers said the same thing.

For both groups, old fashioned flower-smoking is still the most preferred way to get lit. 50% of millennials said inhalation by pipe, joint, or blunt was their favorite, versus 39% of the hippy generation.

Other than inhalation, favorite methods differed. The second most favorite method of boomers was capsules (23%) followed by edibles (14%). Millennial’s second and third favorite way to get their weed on, respectively, were edibles (18%) and vaporizers (14%).

The two generations also differed in their reasons for getting high. Among both groups, about 50% used cannabis for medical reasons, but these medical reasons changed dramatically. Among the younger demo, the most common medical reason for using marijuana was chronic pain (27%), followed by migraines (13%) and nausea (11%). Among boomers, the most common medical reason to smoke was arthritis (15%) followed by cancer (13%) and migraines (11%).

There were also some similarities between the groups. Relaxation was the most popular reason for recreational use regardless of age, with social reasons and anxiety virtually tying for the second and third most popular reasons among both millennials and boomers.

Additionally, on average the generations tend to spend almost the exact same amount of money on weed per month, $78 for millennials and $75 for boomers.

Photo via Flickr/Chris Pichado