In the 1990s, there were close to two dozen female rappers or groups signed to major labels, but hip-hop today is largely regarded as a man’s game. When women are recognized by the rap community, it often seems due largely to sex appeal, so it’s refreshing to see a female rapper recognized on a creative level as well as a physical or sexual one.

Brianna Perry’s skills are a definite throwback; some are even calling her the reincarnation of Biggie. Perry’s got plenty of sex appeal, but she’s also focusing on her mind and her future. In addition to her success in the hip-hop community, Perry has a bachelor’s degree in business in her back pocket from the University of Miami.

Mentoring under Missy Elliot at an early age helped Perry establish herself and hone her voice. She made her first recording at the age of 7 and hasn’t looked back, and has since been the youngest rapper to affiliate with Rick Ross under Slip N Slide Records.

Perry’s freestyle on SiriusXM has taken the world by storm, but her produced records are just as impressive. Though she’s already garnering comparisons to hip hop royalty Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim, Perry’s style is distinctly her own. You can catch her right now on the Sisterhood of Hip Hop or follow her twitter at @BriannatheYRB