According to a report from last year, the city of London has a higher concentration of cocaine in its water system than anywhere else.

British bodies pass three times more cocaine than those in Milan, and British Police have stopped testing bank notes because in a matter of weeks it would have ended up in someone else’s nostril and scraped up with a credit card. It appears that cocaine is everywhere, except where you would expect it to be, which is inside cocaine.

According to VICE, cocaine is seized quite often by police in Britain, but in quite a lot of cases there isn’t actually any cocaine in it. Cocaine is normally at 25% purity at the highest, but is cut before it hits the streets by local dealers. Nowadays customers don’t know what they are purchasing from dealers.

Casual users believe their dealers when they say that they can get their hands on the best stuff around, especially when they offer $70 bags with plenty to choose from. Experts, however, say that the cocaine market has collapsed so much that you genuinely don’t know what a street dealer is selling you.

One forensic expert has said that the cutting is so effective nowadays that when he has tested cocaine, it has only tested higher than 70% one or two times. He’s tested plenty of cocaine, expensively purchased or otherwise and has concluded that the market is in a slump. That could prove to be very dangerous to users and their noses.