The Super Trooper guys are back, again. The comedy group Broken Lizard won the hearts of many a stoner with their 2001 cult comedy Super Troopers. But it’s been 18 years since then and somehow most of them look pretty much exactly the same, which either speaks to the regenerative power of weed or of getting rich and famous, or maybe both.

Anyway two of those guys, Kevin Heffernan (the big one) and Steve Lemme (the hot one) were out promoting their new TV show Tacoma FD when they let the beans spill about another upcoming project: the cannabis themed sequel to their 2000’s comedy Beerfest.

The project is called Potfest and the two comedians can’t quite seem to remember much else about it at the moment.

“We have to come up with a good plot though,” said Heffernan, to which Lemme reminded his partner that they already have a plot. Lemme then clarified that he recently found notes on the project, which he also had a pretty foggy memory of.

“I didn’t remember it either, until I found it,” he said. (Hmmmm… Maybe that’s why it took so long to make a sequel to Super Troopers).

Their current project is also pretty 420-friendly. Tacoma FD, a new series on truTV, is about slacker firefighters in “the wettest city in America,” where there are basically no fires they have nothing to do but fart around and get into some comical antics.

There is only one fire in the entire season and, since, the show is in Washington, the creators asked “what makes sense?” “Fire in a weed dispensary,” is what they came up with, Heffernan said. “Weed dispensary catches on fire, we’re sent in to put it out. Hilarity ensues.”

“It’s basically the world’s biggest hot box,” said Lemme.