Bruce Banner is the first strain of marijuana that has recorded THC levels of 28%. This is an incredible figure, worthy of the real Incredible Hulk himself (if he were a smoker himself. Or, real, while we’re at it.)

Here’s some background on Bruce Banner: It was crowned the most potent strain at the Cannabis Cup 2013. It’s produced in Denver, Colorado, USA, born through a crazy hybridized experiment between a Kushman Strawberry Cough as a father (from Reservoir Seeds) and a Ghost OG mother from Oregon. The OG Ghost came from the user “Ghost” back in the days of . Incidentally, this was also used to create a strain that was the previous strongest strain back in 2011, the OG Ghost Train Haze. The particular strain of Bruce Banner is the number 3 phenotype.

This is a benchmark, but like all benchmarks, it makes the competition hungry. This is great for potheads, connoisseurs and breeders alike. We all get better product, and the bar gets raised. The beautiful thing with pot horticulture is it’s still early in its development and the products can always get better – more potent, tastier, and faster growing.

With further legalization, both for medical and recreational marijuana, on the horizon, the race to increase the quality of buds is bound to pop into hyperdrive.