Who would have guessed that dude with a Craigslist ad saying you can wire him money for weed was a shadester?

As the increase in marijuana rises, so does the opportunities for those looking to make a buck off it.  Unfortunately, this means you’ll likely encounter some unsavory individuals looking to scam you out of your hard earned money.  Look no further than the boom in online pot sellers.  The promises of legit pot being securely delivered to you sound too good to be true.  That’s because they are.

While people can find tons of unbelievable deals online, especially through outlets like Facebook groups, Twitter, and of course eBay, the prospect of scoring some still-illegal drugs online is only something that people wish to be real.  The internet is filled with farfetched statements anyways, and you should use the same skepticism when it comes to buying online pot.

Everyone knows about the Nigerian email scammers; the terrible plea for help, demand for unusual amounts of money, and almost comical storylines.  Well, there are plenty of pot scammers who operate the same way, often using Craigslist to get you to wire them money via Western Union or Moneygram.  The excuse given is that they don’t want to be traced by the DEA or Paypal, if the deal goes sour.

It’s not only highly likely that you’ll end up losing your money to some guy in another country, but you’re probably even more likely to be busted by some narcotics sting.  If you’ve never heard of the term ‘honeypot’ before, you should do yourself a favor and look it up now.