As the Department of Justice and federal government continue to vie for marijuana rule with various states, two representatives from California have sent out a warning that these continued attacks on medical weed may well be violating their own federal law.

Representatives Dana Rohrabacher and Sam Farr recently got a provision passed that, in essence, prohibits the DOJ from using funds and “resources” to prevent states from implementing and practicing their own medical marijuana law. But the Department recently told the LA Times that this amendment simply applies to congress not impeding a state’s practice of their own laws, and in no way means any individual prosecutions are now forfeit.

And in the mix of all this language, the reps from California have clarified the notion. Since the law is obviously intended to put funds into seizures and forfeitures of business and individuals acting illegally, the funds and efforts being placed on those acting in accordance with state laws should cease immediately.

Seems like a fair request. But when does the government do “fair?” It’s so not totalitarian capitalist chic. Like going to the LA Times with an explanation as to why you’re right and the citizens are wrong. Now that’s what I call chic!