California voters will have a choice of legalization parties come 2016. As of this moment, four groups have stated that they want marijuana legalized in the state. Without greater communication and common purpose between the groups, their legalization efforts could work against each other. SF Gate reported on the problem recently.

The Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act  (MCLR) failed to get enough signatures for the ballot last year, but are going at it again as the party of inclusion, asking for feedback from the public.

The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative, another group that failed to make the ballot in the last three elections, promises to legalize marijuana up to 12 pounds for personal use and they have also tried to get more publicity by appearing in videos run by HashBar TV.

The California Artisan Cannabis Initiative – 2016 focuses on shielding small farmers from the big business interests who will enter the game after full legalization.

ReformCA, probably the most reputable of the groups, is an alliance of interests formed in 2010 that includes California NORML, the NAACP, and Oaksterdam University. The coalition is working the the Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Policy Project, and conducting meetings in both Northern and Southern California.

If any of these groups were to legalize marijuana in California SF Gate estimates it would cost in excess of $20 million for staffing, advertising, and other costs. If the movement is going to gain real momentum, it will likely require these disparate groups to put their resources together to make it happen.