The California Attorney General has made her position on marijuana legalization clear at a recent meeting.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who recently attained her position by defeating pro-Marijuana Ron Gold, has said that whilst legally she has to uphold the law with an anti-marijuana stance, she believes that in the near future, voters will be tasked with making their views on marijuana known and brought into a new law.

Harris stated that the people of California were lucky in that they were behind Washington and Colorado in the process, knowing that they could analyze the results of legalization and see what works and what doesn’t. For now, she states that she is anti-marijuana only as regards the police department mandates and from a public safety perspective.

This is welcome news, because for many decades now, the political elite have taken an entirely non-sensical approach to marijuana legislation; from banning it, to ignoring studies of the benefits, to leaning on the creators of media to make anti-marijuana games and movies. Finally, the tide might be turning, if the views of California Attorney General Kamala Harris are anything to go by. She has even said that she is not opposed to legalizing the plant should the voters decide it is the right time.

Some of the issues she still has are with how the legalization of the herb will proceed, and most importantly, how it will be regulated by the state when the time comes. This is an issue which could have been talked about many years ago, but was held back by an irrational fear that marijuana will turn America into a nation of zombies. Still, these are issues to talk about, especially when legalization currently focuses on the medical uses of marijuana; if the state is going to essentially act as an intermediary between supplier and medical establishment, then they need to get their thinking hats on and come up with a way to ensure that quality product gets into the hands of the patients who need it most.

A big issue with regulation is that if weed is legalized, it will be imperative for the state to set limits on things such as the limits for driving whilst under the influence. Like alcohol, there need to be strictly enforced limits on this for the safety of the smoker as well as the safety of anyone else who might be involved in an accident. California Attorney General Kamala Harris is quite right on this point; whilst marijuana is probably a lot safer than alcohol, the last thing that should happen is for cannabis to finally be legalized only to be made illegal again because there is no way to enforce against accidents that negatively affect the wider marijuana smoking community. Marijuana smokers should welcome this new attitude, because it means that legal recreational pot is closer than it’s ever been before.