Pro-cannabis group Weed4Votes is claiming that it will give away 10,000 pounds of weed as part of its efforts to legalize the stuff recreationally in 2016. As the group’s name suggests, it uses marijuana as incentive for California residents to participate in the cause.

The group isn’t handing out the bud directly. There are a couple of catches. Here’s how Weed4Votes describes its program on their website: “Over the next few months Weed4Votes will give away up to 10,000 pounds of weed using three programs: Weed4Donations, Weed4Signatures and Weed4Voters. In each program, certificates for complimentary marijuana will be given to those that contribute to the cause. The certificates will be valid after the 2016 election, if legalization passes, and can be redeemed for an amount of free marijuana equal to the amount of the donation made.”

Where exactly these vouchers can be redeemed is a little unclear. Presumably San Jose’s All American Cannabis Club, Weed4Votes’ founder and frontman Dave Hodge’s dispensary, will make good on the vouchers. And the group encourages those who receive the weed IOUs to “ask their favorite cannabis collectives and delivery services if they are participating in the Weed4Voters voucher program.”

So, the idea is that if you receive a voucher, and the recreation legalization amendment passes, then in a year you can redeem it for pot from yet to be determined dispensaries that don’t mind giving away a collective ten tons of product.

Weed4Votes gave out up to 2,000 one gram vouchers last Friday, each in exchange for providing the group with contact information. The activists also plan to pay out in exchange for collecting signatures for certain petitions (one gram per signature), and will also reward cash donations made to the cause with some chronic (an eighth for $25 and an ounce for $200).

The group is not favoring the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), the most prominent California legalization measure by a mile. AUMA has the financial support of WeedMaps head Justin Hartfield and billionaire entrepreneur Napster/Facebook guy Sean Parker, and this week was officially endorsed by NORML. Weed4Votes instead backs the The Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2016, a proposal that was engineered through a public forum.