For those of you wanting to be real deal legit extraction artists, last Friday was a big day. December 8 was the first day that the state’s Department of Public Health began accepting, or even making available, licenses from the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB).

These licenses, which you can apply for here, are good for 120 days, with the possibility of extending that temporary license for an additional 90 days. Then you have to get a for-real annual license. There’s no fee for the temporary license, but you’ll have to pay for an annual one. The annual licenses are obtained through a seperate application, which will be made available later in the month.

The temporary application itself is actually relatively simple and only one page long. It asks only for basic information about the premises and the person filing the application, and then requires information about the extraction that is going to go down. Stuff like Product Type (edibles, concentrates, topicals, capsules, vape cartridges, tinctures), Activities (extraction, infusion, packaging/labeling), and Extraction Methods (Butane, Hexane, and Propane are all in the same category, and additional options are ethanol, CO2, water/food grade dry ice, food-grade butter/oil, mechanical–likely meaning rosin).

The only catch is that the application requires attached authorization from the your local jurisdiction, so you have to be more or less pre-approved in order to get the license.

The Annual License Application will be a bit more in depth. According to the MCSB, the “application will require information on the business, owners and financial interest holders, and operating premises, as well as descriptions of procedures for waste disposal, inventory and quality control, transportation and security.”

Priority application review will be granted licensed medical marijuana extraction facilities that have been in operation since September 1, 2016.

So you all better get your paperwork together, unless you want to stay in the black market forever.