We all got that one friend who has an insatiable appetite for other people’s weed. If you pass him the blunt, he passes back is a finger-scorching mini-roach. If you ask him to roll a blunt, he’s going to make a fatty three Dutch Masters wide. He burns through your weed like wildfire. But what about when your stash is the entire marijuana crop of the Clear Lake, California area and your friend is actually the elemental force of fire? Huh?

Well, then you got yourself pretty much the same situation NBC Bay Area is reporting, where wildfires have burned through 69,600 acres, 43 homes and a whole lot of cannabis crop. “I can’t remember [a fire] affecting our growers as much as this year,” Timothy Anderson, manager of Oakland medical marijuana dispensary Harborside Health Center, told NBC.

Anderson explained that the fire done smoked up one of his biggest supplier’s stashes when it rolled through their home. And the Clear Lake region of cultivators in general, which he said produces roughly a quarter of his cannabis, has been affected as well. He foretells that the near future is going to see a shrink come to the Bay Area’s weed supply and consequently, because he took economics class just like us, that’s likely to cause a price hike.

Even buds that escaped the fire’s path might still be rendered worthless by the blaze., because fire puts contaminants like carcinogens in the air and outdoor buds can pick them up. “Unlike an apple or tomato, you can’t wash a cannabis plant off,” Anderson explained. “The sticky resin is going to grab onto any environmental grit or grime from the air.”

So, it’s not the worst idea to stay away from buds that smell like wildfire, as cannabis with those contaminants, “could potentially have some health hazards, especially for people with compromised immune systems.” Shit, now I guess our weed-hogging blunt-bogarting friend don’t sound so bad by comparison. We can share with him a little. But only the weed that smells like smoke.