We’re entering a new age. Our kids will grow up in a country where weed is no big deal, a place that is majorly enlightened compared to the U.S. our parents grew up in where you could get ten years in prison for selling two joints.

We’re obviously in favor of cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes and want the laws in all 50 states to permit that. But we also, here at Dabs Mag, like challenging ourselves from time to time. And since there might soon be bereft of a devil’s advocate to counter our pro-ganja platform (at least one that’s not nuts or just flat erroneous), we think now might be a good time to fill that counselor’s cloven hooves.

We aren’t going to talk gateway drug theories or unproven health risks. We’re just getting real about the downsides to dabbing out all day that all stoners know about. Every beautiful fluffy white cloud has a shitty gray lining. Love hurts, sex kills, rollercoasters decapitate, moms die and ice cream makes you fat. That’s why half that Chinese circle is black. So, here’s all the bad stuff to do with smoking and dabbing we could think of…

It’s Not Addictive, but it Can be a Crutch

Could it be that the worst thing about dabbing and smoking weed is that it feels too good? You’ll never be addicted to weed but you can get to a point where you’re so used to feeling stoned that other fun stuff (sex, meals, playing music) don’t feel good unless you mix it with some THC. So you can miss out on some great stuff, and also the bad stuff that’s supposed to be part of life. A stoner doesn’t have to actually feel all their grief because they can smoke it out with a little kush. That’s when…

It Can Put You In A Rut

It’s a little like using a cheat code in a video game. Everything gets easier – you got infinite lives, warp whistle to level 9, everybody has big funny balloon heads. It’s fun for awhile. But then things can get a little bit repetitive because feeling good isn’t a challenge. All you have to do is light something on fire and inhale it.

You realize you’ve got nothing pushing back against you, no tread. And without tread (to mix metaphors) it’s like trying to walk across a skate rink in dress shoes or like trying to paddle your boat across a lake that’s got no water in it. You won’t go anywhere.

There are certainly a lot of ambitious, energetic stoners. But it’s not as if the stereotype of the dude glued to the couch with bloodshot eyes is made up. We all know him. We’ve all been him. The trick is not to be him all the time.

Even worse, sometimes you can dab so much that you reach a god awful point when…

You Stop Getting High

That dreaded time can come when you dab and dab, but nothing kicks you above first gear. So you dab more. And then more. And then a gram or more is gone and you still ain’t high. And then you got no choice but to wait it out until your tolerance drops a little and you can get back to being annihilated.

Doesn’t all that sound like a hassle? That’s because getting stoned…

Takes Up Time and Energy

“It’s a job.” A stoner friend told me that one time when we were talking about how much time we spent acquiring weed, waiting for it, going to get it, getting all the tools necessary to inhale it. And there’s the fact that a lot of weed or wax can put concrete shoes on you.

For some people, even getting dabbed out doesn’t slow them down. But everybody’s got to come down some time, and that slows them all down. You need naps, caffeine, more cannabis or a combo of the three to keep getting through the day.

Now, we’re almost done with our bummer party, but first we’re going to talk about…


I know a few people who suddenly one day started getting bad vibes while stoned after years of smooth sailing on the cannabean sea. Peeps who used to get lifted to relieve stress suddenly start feeling self-conscious and over-thinking minor problems until they get inflated into panic-inducing disasters while elevated.

Could be that as your body ages, you metabolize THC a little differently. I mean, we’re not scientists or anything, but it’s possible. Even if that happens, it doesn’t mean you have to quit. It just means you have to change your habits, which can be hard. That’s why they’re called habits. No two potheads have the exact same smoking experience so we suggest experimenting with low doses of different strains and different methods until you find one that gives you more giggles than heebie-jeebies.

And that’s it. We’re done being the devil’s advocate. Now we’re going to be the angel’s advocate. Only problem with that is its all pro-bono work, but what you gonna do? Pass me that rig, doggy.

Photo via imgur user BriefcaseTacos