States are legalizing pot use for recreational purpose at a growing rate. A majority of the US and other nations around the world allow medical marijuana use. There is a concern, however, and some questionable evidence to back up, a relationship between schizophrenia and marijuana. Is there truth to this concern? Or is it just something that is a big cloud of smoke?

There Is No Proof of Marijuana Schizophrenia

Researchers have constantly linked marijuana use with mental illness development, but that’s because they’ve never looked at the population demographics of each study. When the demographics of those who smoke pot are examined, researchers found that people who develop a mental illness also tend to smoke a joint more often and do so in greater amounts.

There is, however, no link between smoking marijuana and the formation of a mental illness. Although there is nothing to rule out the idea of an increased risk of schizophrenia due to cannabis use, there is no proof that a little weed is going to make you very crazy.

Mental illness risks are extraordinary complex. Genetics, environmental profiles, and even chemical exposures can all lead to an increased risk of mental illness. Just breathing in some smoke isn’t going to send someone to the looney bin. You’re more likely to have genetic risks that lead to schizophrenia, especially if a parent or grandparent was diagnosed with this disorder, than any other risk factor.