With the increase of legalized recreational marijuana happening in the United States, some questions about other areas of life are starting to be asked. A common one is this: can people still donate blood after using marijuana?

Here is the answer: you can. Although the Red Cross isn’t necessarily crazy about you donating blood with some weed or blow in it, you can still donate as long as you are well and healthy

If you have ever injected an illegal drug, however, you are permanently banned from giving blood.

Are There Other Eligibility Requirements?

The Red Cross wants to make sure that the entire blood donation process is safe for everyone involved. This means that there are stronger eligibility requirements regarding your travel habits or other components of your lifestyle than there is for enjoying some legal marijuana.

People who have traveled overseas are asked to wait a minimum of 12 months before donating blood. If the trip overseas was to a malaria-infested country, then the waiting period is extended to 36 months. For users who get a tattoo in a non-regulated state, a waiting period of 12 months is also mandatory.

Those who have been diagnosed with an STI/STD and received treatment for it are also asked to wait a minimum of 12 months before donating blood.

If you are excluded from giving blood, the Red Cross suggests a financial donation. Marijuana, however, will not automatically exclude you from a donation.