The whiff of pot that finds your way at a night club, restaurant or a rock concert is the smoke of a second hand marijuana that has become a statement of fashion among youngsters. Second hand smoke can damage your heart and blood vessels which can harden your arteries leading to heart failure and other chronic heart diseases. Ever wondered that you can flunk your drug test with second hand weed smoke? Yes, it is possible.

It is a misconception that only first hand smoke can show up in a drug test. However, it has been observed that second hand smoke can leave traces of the active chemical in marijuana called tetrahydracannabinol. Simple exposure in a typical room is enough to create a positive result in a drug test. Even when tested on hair, second hand smoke shows positive results containing the active metabolites of marijuana.

A recent survey conducted at John Hopkins University, assessed the impact of second hand smoke in non-smoking subjects. When a team on non-smoking subjects and smoking subjects were kept in a room together for 30 minutes, and later assessed, traces of the active THC compound of marijuana were obtained. This metabolite is the main screening test conducted to pass or fail a drug test. The THC compound was found in traces in urine samples. Failing a drug test can be on a fifty fifty probability basis. If you show up for the many days after marijuana exposure, it is very unlikely that traces of the THC compound will show up. However, if you turn up for the drug test within 24-36 hours of marijuana exposure, traces of THC in marijuana is bound to show up and cause you to fail your drug test. Many escape as they don’t show up for drug tests after exposure to extreme conditions. However, some unfortunate fail the drug test due to shorter recovery time between the exposure and the test.

You can totally avoid second hand smoke from showing up at all by totally avoiding it. Stay out of night clubs, smoke filled cars or unventilated rooms. Avoid hanging around with people who smoke marijuana or discourage your loved ones from smoking marijuana, as marijuana not just kills the active smoker but the passive smokers as well. Also, if you are living with a person who smokes marijuana, make sure you tell your physician before taking the drug test.


Photo by Flickr user Liam//Richards