In Canada, if buy weed legal, you’re probably going to get it in a “dull, bland brown box.” While other industries fall over themselves to try to make their packaging as eye-catching and user-friendly as possible, Canadian weed looks like a toxic chemical bought from a wholesale warehouse.

Photos on Global News show what the standard, government-mandated packaging looks like. Each comes in a standard brown cardboard. Each box is sealed with a sticker from the Government of Canada, and each comes with a warning label. Cannabis packages containing THC also wear a big red stop sign-shaped warning symbol with a pot leaf on it.

One label reads, “WARNING: Cannabis can be addictive. 1 in 11 people who use cannabis will become addicted.”

Where exactly the government got that statistic and what they mean by “addicted” is unclear. What is clear is that somebody wants cannabis to look very uncool and very dangerous.

In addition to the standard warning, there’s also potentially helpful information to the consumer, such as the strain(s), as well as the potency of CBD or THC.

Global News reports that Health Canada, the agency responsible for the packaging regulations, “said the main purpose behind this approach to packaging is to ensure people, particularly young people, aren’t enticed to use cannabis.”

Many are not surprised by the “uncoolness” of the regulated cannabis packaging. “It’s the Canadian government,” marketing student Aiden Haichert told Global News. “I know they couldn’t be cooler, they’re trying to make tobacco plain.”