In light of weed being just over a month away from full legalization in Canada, one university is taking an understanding tact to students who might overindulge.

The University of Calgary opened what it called a Post Alcohol Support Space (PASS) in January, but it has just announced that it will also make its space available to students who are too stoned for their own good.

According to the university’s website, PASS “is a medically supervised, judgement-free place on campus where members of the university community can sleep off the effects of alcohol.”

Admittance to the pass is strictly confidential. There is no record kept of who checks in and out, no communication to a student’s parents or faculty, and no involvement with authorities unless the student is mobile and not seriously injured.

Students anywhere on campus can call the hotline and be escorted to the PASS. For the time being it is only available on Thursdays (the hardest party night on campus) and special ocassions when hardy partying is also likely.

While other schools in Canada and the U.S. might issue academic sanctions or even call the authorities in cases like these, U of C has chosen instead to embrace “harm reduction” methods.

“We know telling someone not to take a substance doesn’t work. It’s about educating people,” said Debbie Buckner, senior director of student wellness at of U of C, told the Calgary Herald.

“We know that combining alcohol and cannabis will compound their effects, which some might not be prepared for.”

While PASS was intended for drunk students, Buckner noticed that some of the students who used it were also under the influence of the reefer, prompting the school to expand the program.

Photo via Flickr user Scott Rubin