It is becoming ever more obvious how much better it would be to live in Canada than in the U.S. Dudes legalized cannabis nationwide, Canada’s COVID rates per capital are about one seventh of what we have in the U.S., and healthcare and education do not typically cause crippling lifelong death.

But just to sweeten the pot a little more, a prominent group is calling for the decriminalization of possession for all drugs. Who are these radical communist godless lawless anarchists? a typical American might ask. Just an organization of 1,300 police chiefs from across the country.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) has called upon Canada’s federal government to decriminalize the possession of illegal drugs for personal use. As an alternative, the organization proposes a system with increased access to health care, social services, and treatment for drug users in order to keep them out of the justice system.

CACP says that drug arrests for simple possession are “ineffective” and “do not save lives,” as reported by Global News.

“We must adopt new and innovative approaches I’d we are going to disrupt the current trend of drug overdoses impacting communities across Canada,” reads a recently released report from the group.

CACP is composed of officials from regional, federal, First Nations, provincial, transportation all, and military police agencies.

The suggestion has been seconded by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC). The group’s director of policy, Scott Bernstein, argues that the policy has successful precedent in other countries including Portugal.

“We have examples from jurisdictions all over the world that have decriminalized (possession) without the sky falling in,” he said.

As in the United States, Canada has struggled for years with its own opioid crisis. British Columbia, which Global News terms “the epicenter of the crisis,” suffered more than 170 overdose deaths in last May alone.

Photo via Flickr/Peter Vanderheyden